Interview with Will Travel for Vegan Food – Vegan Backpacker

Stumbled upon a blog which I will be very excited to read soon: Vegan Backpacker. Jill and John are vegans from Canada who travelled Europe recently and are still in…uh, Mexico, I think?…and are committed to enabling vegan backpackers everywhere. Really wish I’d found this blog about three months ago; they were in Dublin at least and probably elsewhere that I’ve been already, and the blog is lush with tips and photos of markets and restaurants etc. One particular article has already inspired me (to do something other than eat raw vegan chocolate cake): I don’t want to do exactly this, but I remember hearing about Four Hour Working Week while I was at Borders, and it’s always good to see someone living the dream and encouraging the rest of us to. The more i become a part of the alternative lifestyle thing, the more I feel how easy it is to live it long term, and how diverse the opportunities are. For instance I just heard about something called Mutant Space, about which I’ll share more soon.

Interview with Will Travel for Vegan Food – Vegan Backpacker.

Kristen of WTF Vegan Food



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